“Steven Toussaint writes with a formidable blend of intellectual toughness and technical command. These finely worked poems range over a wide territory, local and global, religious, social (a devastatingly intelligent piece, ‘Yes or No’, evoking the world of online pseudo-discourse), and offer many memorable images and phrases (a favourite is “The furious pleasure / of a man being listened to”). This is an excellent collection of demanding and rewarding poetry.”
-Rowan Williams

“These are elegant poems. They have verve, they have wit and no little learning. They reveal a mind like a knife. An ear of the same quality. All of which = what's needed in a calamitous time that calls itself the Information Age.”
- John Taggart

“The Bellfounder is a contemplative exploration of space and attraction, while at the same time it bridges the spiritual with the environmental.”
- Johnny Hernandez, Small Press Distribution

“…an exquisite read”
- Paula Green, NZ Poetry Shelf

“This is good poetry to hear read aloud, but that’s not the limit of what’s going on in it: volcanic murmurs are audible beneath the grass of his sojourn on Devonport’s Mt. Victoria. Fateful, perhaps, for all of us.”
- Jack Ross, Poetry New Zealand Review